See your Building's Electric Use in Action!

October 2011

Welcome the newest addition to our extensive line of Energy Sentry demand management products... the 9326 Remote Demand Display. Now you and your employees can watch your building’s electric use in action with a 15” x 4” LED Display Station. The 2” LED digits are visible from over 100 feet away.

9326 Remote Demand Display

Just connect the display to your Energy Sentry demand controller or monitor and the 9326 will mimic the unit’s operating screen. Making this information readily and easily available for all to see will make this a vital asset in assisting you and your team with energy efficiency efforts. Instantaneous and Average Demand have been the most popular screen settings to be utilized with the 9326. Watch as your kW fluctuates in real time due to the variance in operating processes of different electric loads within the building.

The 9326 also comes with an internal alarm as well as a remote alarm hook-up. Options include; On-Off for the internal Audible Alarm; On-Off for the Remote Audible Alarm. Choose one, or the other, or both- Tailor it to your needs! Upon an alarm condition, the entire display flashes at 1-second intervals allowing you to easily increase awareness of the approaching demand limit for your building. The one second energy spike of .0098 kWh, has very little effect on the 15-minute interval average when the remaining 899 seconds are at .0014 kWh.

Compatible Equipment Includes

The 9326 Remote Demand Display is a great addition to the Energy Sentry product line, contributing to our on-going goal in finding ways to help you use energy more efficiently.

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