Helping the Environment

Demand control with an Energy Sentry is both a financial and an environmental investment. Not only will you save 10% to 40% each month on your electric bills, but you’ll also be helping the environment by increasing your energy efficiency.

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Controlled Loads

There are numerous kinds of controllable electric loads. Below is a brief list of some common types of residential and commercial loads that have successfully been controlled with an Energy Sentry.

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Do you have
High Electric Bills?

An Energy Sentry Demand Management System Could be the Solution

To understand how a demand management system works, let’s first look at what demand is and how it relates to your electric use.

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Recent Installations

First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Dora
Mt. Dora, FL

Lakewood United Church of Christ
Lakewood, CO

Sharing and Caring Hands
Minneapolis, MN

Mary's Place Apartments
Minneapolis, MN

Our Commitment to You

Brayden Automation is dedicated to providing you with the best demand management products available. Contact us if you’re interested in finding a solution to use electricity more efficiently and save money on your electric bills.