Help your customers unlock the greatest secret in the utility industry with PulseConnex. Your customer's energy use will be at their fingertips, online and instantaneous.

Encourage customers to take control of their energy use

Energy efficiency begins with knowledge - the knowledge of when, where, and how a building uses energy. But explaining peak demand, how it's occurring, and how demand charges are calculated can be daunting, leaving the customer confused and dissatisfied. PulseConnex provides real-time and historical data graphically so that it can be easily interpreted. Connect your customers to their energy use with PulseConnex.

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What will your customers be able to do with more knowledge about their energy use?
  • Understand Peak Demand
  • Quickly Verify Bills
  • Set Demand Limits
  • Improve Budget Forecast
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Save money on utility bills

PulseConnex is...

Easy to Use

Upon installation, the client device automatically starts sending data.


Use PulseConnex for anything that a pulse can count such as: kWh, kvarh, kvah, gallons, ccf, etc.


Pulse information is recorded and streamed almost instantaneously.


Data is stored on the device for up to 24 hours in case the internet connectivity is interrupted.

How it Works

PulseConnex uses pulse information sent from the meter and displays the data into a more useful visual graph that is updated in real-time.

Configure PulseConnex to collect the data you need, set demand limits for optimal energy efficiency, and create alarms to be sent via text message or email when your customer's energy use is nearing critical demand peaks.

Connect and view up to 2 sources of incoming pulses at once to quickly compare meters.

Change parameters anytime to adapt to changes in energy use or utility constraints.

PulseConnex is browser-based, storing info on "the cloud" ready to be accessed from any internet-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.

How it's Installed

Connect one end of the "little white box" to the meter with the power and signal connector. This will provide pulse outputs from the meter.

Connect the other end to an Ethernet cord that is plugged into the nearest Ethernet jack.

Once the device is properly connected, pulse data is uploaded every few seconds from the meter to the PulseConnex server, and then translated into a live graph.

See how PulseConnex is already helping customers understand peak demand

License Options

PulseConnex is available to utilities for licensed use. Your utility's brand and logo will appear on the PulseConnex client device and login screen, adding value to your energy services department.

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