Dispelling the Myth:
How Peak Demand REALLY Occurs

There is a common misunderstanding out there about how Peak Demand occurs and is really measured. Well we’re here to set the record straight!

Many times, we hear “The instant I turn on my air conditioner, (or other large electric load) that instantaneous start-up spike sets my peak.” Although that’s commonly thought of as the Peak Demand… it’s not...

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See your Building's Electric Usein Action!

Welcome the newest addition to our extensive line of Energy Sentry demand management products… the 9326 Remote Demand Display. Now you and your employees can watch your building’s electric use in action with a 15” x 4” LED Display Station. The 2” LED digits are visible from over 100 feet away.

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Recent Installations

Hulett Community Center
Hulett, WY

Berry Plastics
Monroeville, OH

Lebanon Baptist Church
Frisco, TX

Abundant Grace Fellowship
Wheat Ridge, CO

Our Commitment to You

Brayden Automation is dedicated to providing you with the best demand management products available. Contact us if you’re interested in finding a solution to use electricity more efficiently and save money on your electric bills.