BAC Update

Man did 2011 fly by! We say it every year but it’s so true. We hope 2011 brought you happiness and good fortune, and 2012 will do the same.

This past year we had two staff members retire. Chuck Stricker who was our Operations Manager for 10 years and Kurt Metcalf “The Professor” who was our Energy Sentry Technician for 12 years. We want to tank them for their hard work and all they contributed to the Brayden Automation Team. They will truly be missed!

We are also proud to report that 2011 was another great year for BAC, and are thrilled to make this our 8th consecutive year of record sales! WE couldn’t do it without our Customers, Dealers, and your referrals. So thank YOU for your support and loyalty. You have helped make Brayden Automation what it is today, and we appreciate you!

We hope to add some exciting new developments for 2012. So keep an eye out for more Energy Sentry news in the coming months!

EnergyAccess 3.2
is Here!

In case you haven’t heard... EnergyAccess is our Windows based software that allows you to monitor, control, and analyze your energy use all from the convenience of your desktop. EnergyAccess operates as a user interface and data acquisition application gathering Real-time information from your Energy Sentry 9300 Series Demand Controller or Monitor.

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Look at the Savings!

Brayden Automation was contacted in October 2010 by WOW! Children’s Museum in Lafayette Colorado, about high bill concerns related to the demand charge on their electric bill. After WOW! contacted Xcel Energy about the issue, they referred them to the specialists at Brayden Automation Corp (BAC).

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Recent Installations

Balfour Lumber Co.
Thoomasville, GA

Pipestone County Implement
Pipestone, MN

ECO Recycling
Chyenne, WY

Haiston Oil Company
Windsor, CO

Our Commitment to You

Brayden Automation is dedicated to providing you with the best demand management products available. Contact us if you’re interested in finding a solution to use electricity more efficiently and save money on your electric bills.