Great Basin
Saves a Bundle

Brayden Automation Corp. was contacted in 2008 by personnel from Great Basin National Park in Baker, Nevada after their power supplier Mt. Wheeler Power identified that their peak demand was higher than normal. The Member Services Representative at Mt. Wheeler, Kevin Robison, had worked with Brayden Automation before and recognized the visitor center as a possible demand control application.

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Energy Sentry
& Energy TOU

Many times when we discuss our Energy Sentry Demand Management Systems we focus on how they are used for demand rates. However, the Energy Sentry systems have also been used for years in areas like Arizona for Energy Time-of-Use (TOU) rates. Some of our residential customer's in Colorado have also utilized Energy TOU to save on their electric bills. Here's one customer's story.

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Tip of the Month:
Spread Out
Energy Use

Demand management works by using a demand-based rate and regulating the speed of energy use to ensure energy is used more evenly. Trying to "even out" or "spread out" the number of kilowatt-hours that are consumed in each demand interval of the billing period will reduce the peak demand. This is difficult to accomplish manually since you can't devote your life to turning off and on loads to maintain an even demand. A low-cost, dedicated microcomputer-based automation system is the perfect answer to this problem. Think of a demand management system as the "Cruise Control" on your electric system. When the building is consuming energy too fast, the demand management system will slow the rate of consumption down. Conversely, when the rate of consumption is lower than necessary, the demand management system will increase the speed to maintain an even level.

The more "spread out" your energy use is... The less you pay for the same amount of electricity, it's that simple.

Recent Installations

Lowes Foods
Charlotte, NC

Placentia Presbyterian Church
Placentia, CA

Windsor Assembly of God
Windsor, CO

Our Commitment to You

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