Jimmie Saves Big
with 9388B

"It's been wonderful; it's been everything Brayden Automation promised it would be. I wish everything worked as well as this does."

Jimmie Wolfrum, the owner of Jim's Automotive Machine Shop, is referring to the Energy Sentry 9388B Demand Controller.

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Celebrating 20 Years

On February 7th, 2010 we celebrated our 32nd year in the demand control business, and our 20th year of operation under the Brayden Automation name. 2009 was another banner year, and marked our 6th consecutive year of record sales.

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Recent Installations

Kiowa County Courthouse
Eads, CO

Summerwood HOA Clubhouse
Dilon, CO

Faith of the Nazarene Church
Denver, CO

Our Commitment to You

Brayden Automation is dedicated to providing you with the best demand management products available. Contact us if you’re interested in finding a solution to use electricity more efficiently and save money on your electric bills.