EnergyAccess 3.2 is Here!

February 2012

In case you haven’t heard… EnergyAccess is our Windows based software that allows you to monitor, control, and analyze your energy use all from the convenience of your desktop. EnergyAccess operates as a user interface and data acquisition application gathering Real-time information from your Energy Sentry 9300 Series Demand Controller or Monitor.

EnergyAccess 3.2 has several new features to help you analyze and control your energy consumption more effectively… but we are particularly excited about 3 of these new features.


EnergyAccess 3.2 automatically generates a 24-hour graphic pdf of the load profile for the current log file at midnight. The pdf file is then emailed to a pre-defined list of email recipients.

Text Message Alert

Demand Alarm Text & Email Messages

The alarm configurator for EnergyAccess 3.2 now includes the capability to send text and email message alarms to a designated list of cell phones and email addresses for a particular demand controller or monitor. Messages repeat at a specified interval from 1 to 15 minutes until the demand alarm is cancelled.

LAN Access

EnergyAccess 3.2 can now be used to remotely access the Energy Sentry Demand Controller or Monitor using the local area network. By using a static IP address, you can access information on-line in seconds.

Requires a Network Interface Adapter (NIA)


EnergyAccess LAN Access Illustration

To learn more about the exciting new features EnergyAccess 3.2 offers Click Here.

If you are interested in learning more about EnergyAccess or Energy Sentry demand management systems please call us today at (888) 272-9336.