Introducing the Newest Version of EnergyAccess

EnergyAccess Upgrades to Version 2.3

July 2010

EnergyAccess® is a Windows-based application which operates as a data acquisition and user interface for your Energy Sentry 9300 Series Demand Management Systems, enabling you to monitor, control and analyze your energy use-all from the convenience of your desktop. EnergyAccess® features Real Time Graphing, allowing you to view your load profile information as it happens. Easy-to-use, EnergyAccess® gives you a powerful tool for managing your energy use and reducing your energy costs.

EnergyAccess screenshot

Version 2.3 includes several new features continuing to enhance ease-of-use, flexibility, and control. Some of these include:

  • Firmware Updates- now supports up to Version 4.1
  • Windows 7 Compatibility
  • USB Compatibility
  • EAL Viewer program- separate log file-viewing program

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