Demand Control Myth #3

February 2013

“A demand controller will damage my equipment.”

Electrician clip art

Some people seem to think that since a demand controller is connected to several electric loads in a building, that it could potentially damage the controlled equipment. However, this is definitely not the case. A demand controller’s relays merely act as an automatic on/off switch with the connected load’s control circuit to help the building stay under a set demand limit. As long as the demand controller is properly installed and programmed correctly by a licensed electrician and certified Energy Sentry representative, there is no risk of damage. There is no evidence to suggest that the minimal number of added on/off cycles deteriorates the lifetime of properly maintained equipment. Of course, the equipment most important to this subject are the air conditioner and heat pump compressors. It is imperative that they not only have time delay protection in the thermostat/control circuit, but also have it programmed into the demand controller. Without proper time delay protection or head pressure relief, you may well be able to damage a compressor.

A HVAC contractor, electrician or Energy Consultant who means well, but knows very little about demand controllers may disable or rewire the system incorrectly and cause damage. We run into these people all the time! Make sure you verify their credentials and have them contact the local Energy Sentry Dealer before they alter any configurations related to the demand controller. This will help prevent any demand control issues or damage to your equipment.

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