Current Transformer and Remote Relay Tips

Remote Relay Unit

The Remote Relay Unit (RRU) is used at remote locations when it is desirable to control several large loads such as second service panels, hot tubs, electric furnaces or electric boilers by simply running low-voltage wire loads to the remote location instead of trying to run high-voltage, high-current wires back to the demand control unit.

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Current Transformers for Metering

There are two types of electric meters: self-contained (direct drive) and transformer rated.

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Current Transformers for Demand Controllers

Current transformers are mounted on the incoming electrical service mains between the utility meter and the main circuit breaker. They are used to monitor the total electric load, not just the loads connected to the Energy Sentry®.

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Parallel Current Transformers for
Dual Services

For the Energy Sentry® demand controller to work properly, all power available to a home must be monitored.

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