Demand Controllers

Energy Sentry commercial demand controllers will automatically manage large non-essential electric loads to lower peak demand improving energy efficiency and saving you money.  The simple design makes it easy to use, and once installed, runs in the background so you no longer need to worry about trying control energy consumption yourself.

Demand Controllers



EnergyAccessConnex is a Remote Access Package which simply allows you to monitor your power usage and also allows you to store that data. It uses pulse information recorded by your meter and organizes the data into a more useful graphing format.  Immediately view Real-Time pulse information – Anytime, Anywhere by logging onto

Energy Access Connex


EnergyAccess Software

EnergyAccess is a Windows-based software that allows you to quickly and accurately monitor, analyze and control your energy consumption, in Real Time, from your desktop.  Optimize your energy use information by capturing your data and analyzing it- saving you time and money.

Energy Access Software