Penguin Load Management Timer



The Penguin control the water heaters on your system for maximum reduction of peak demand loadsThe Penguin Load Timer is an electronic time control unit designed for use with utility load management or time-of-use programs. It attaches directly to the customer's controllable load. Set the timer at the utility's site with the easy-to-use Windows-based Penguin software (provided). It can be set for as many as four control cycles a day, with different schedules for summer and winter, weekdays and weekends. Once programmed, it will operate perpetually. Everything's automatic- no need to reset the schedule from year to year.

The timer consists of a micro controller, a real-time clock module, support circuitry, an RS-232 interface, and a 35-amp power relay.

The Penguin Load Management Timer is the quickest, easiest, most effective way to control loads during peak demand hours. You'll love the low cost, easy installation, and immediate on-peak load reductions!


The Penguin Timer has been used in a number of applications for Time-Of-Use control.
The most common are:

  • Hot Water Heaters
  • Air Conditioning Cycling
  • Lighting Control
  • Golf Cart and Fork Lift battery charging
  • Any general electric control that works with on-peak and off-peak times


  • Utilizes advanced temperature sensing technology to measure accurate air temperature without being affected by wind, rain, momentary cloudiness or reflected solar radiation off the ground or from surrounding objects.
  • Time and temperature can be used independently or in combination to determine the desired on-peak condition.
  • Uses reliable fourth generation micro-processor platform for unparalleled reliability
  • 10-year guaranteed battery-backed (non-volatile) memory of system settings and timekeeping
  • Fully self-contained
  • Up to four seasonal schedules
  • Up to 2 on-peak/off-peak periods per day
  • Variable on-peak/off-peak temperature settings
  • Historical data log of last 60 off-peak/on-peak transitions
  • Green LED indicates controller is operating properly, and blinking red LED indicates on-peak status
  • User Override Switch to allow customer to override controller and "buy-thru" during on-peak times if desired, at the higher on-peak rate
  • Programmable using Windows-based Penguin Programming Software
  • Four-wire programming cable is provided by Brayden Automation
  • 3-year factory parts and labor warranty

Device Circuitry Designation: Class1
Input Power: 120VAC at .1 Amp or
240VAC at .05 Amp
Power Consumption: 12 Watts
Relays: 1 Single-Pole power relay, SPST-NC-DB (1 Form Y)
Relay Contact Rating: Single Pole Relay, 35 Amps at 300VAC

Enclosure Rating:


Enclosure Dimensions: Approximately 6" x 4" x 2.25"
Enclosure Material: LEXAN (polycarbonate) housing meets UL 94V-1 flammability rating
Operating Temperature Range: 0 to +70 C
Shipping Weight: Approximately 1 lb.