Energy Sentry provides Energy Demand Management
and Demand Controller products to protect you from high demand charges, and to increase your energy efficiency.

Since 1978, Energy Sentry has helped commercial, industrial and residential customers lower their electric bills by offering a large selection of energy demand management equipment used to stabilize the peaks and valleys of electric use. By stabilizing electric use, and increasing energy efficiency, clients will see reductions in electric costs. Our demand controllers automatically manage large non-essential electric loads to lower peak demand. This is ideal for buildings with noticeable peaks in energy use and homes with a residential demand rate.


Wouldn't it be nice to lower your
electric bills and put those savings
towards other areas of your
business or life?

How can a Demand Controller help?

Generally speaking, electric loads that are ideal for demand control are those that are both large and contain some sort of thermal storage. For example, a water heater is generally one of the largest electrical loads in a home and also has a huge amount of thermal storage. Assuming “average” water use, the water can be heated at any time without effecting comfort or convenience. Learn ore on our Resources.

What is Demand Management?

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Demand Management, then begin here to learn more about Demand Management and how a Demand Controller can save you money.

Demand Management Chart


Going Green Can Put Money
In Your Pocket

Beyond recycling, what are some ways you can implement environmentally sound practices into your daily life? One way to "go green" is to explore how you are using electricity.

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Recent Testimonials

quote 1 I would gladly recommend your product and service to everyone."

Walter L.
Buffalo Gap, SD

quote 2 ...the system appears to be saving me between 15% and 30% each month. It's comforting to know that I am doing all I can to reduce my electrical bill."

Robert T.
Virginia Beach, VA

quote 3 You can't control your energy usage until you know where it is being used, and with Brayden Automation's EnergyAccess monitoring system we have saved thousands of dollars PER YEAR since we first installed it in the 1990s."

Gina P.
Lawrence Tool and Molding